Some of the main clients of the company are:

Coka-Cola Helenik Botaling Kampani Bulgaria

Mega el EOOD

N. I. Pirogov Hospital,

Sofia - BT AD

Telelink EAD

Mobiltel EAD

Florina Bulgaria EAD

Kenar - Zare LTD

"Verila Service" EAD

"Porsche Center"

SD Lobut

RIEW – Sofia

Sofia Municipality

Sofiyska Voda

Toplivo AD

PMU Burgas

Energy-Ka OOD

Belvi OOD


Ruvex AD

Druzhba Glassware Factory AD

and many others.

The company has its own mechanization and qualified workforce in the field of electrical construction with which it has carried out the construction of many residential and industrial sites, some of them being:

"HPP Svoge" AD

"PFC - Levski"

Coka-Cola Helenik Botaling Kampani Bulgaria

Kenar - Zare LTD

"Sanitex Paper Products"

"Profex - Bioproducts"


"Autolux" - Car Dealer

Georgetti - Miroglio