About us


The company AVESG was created in 1991 in Sofia and its business is in the field of power metering, startups and settings, repairs and power installation works. Throughout the years the company acquired all types of accreditations required by law and regulatory documents for realization of activities, namely certificates from the Ministry of Labor and Social Care, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, National Construction Control Directorate (NCCD). The owner of the company was Mr. Evlogi Evlogiev. In 2006 the company was renamed AVES-G OOD and its manager became Mr. Georgi Evlogiev. Five years after this the company AVESG EOOD was established. In the newly created company the Accredited Control Body (Construction and Installation Department) was transferred together with all employees and technical units.

A leading trend in the policy and management of the company is the closing of cycle of power construction and design, supply, installation of equipment, power tests and commissioning, warranty-period and subsequent servicing. In relation to the existence of this policy in 2004 for AVES-G OOD a Control Body of Type C was created with accreditation certificate No. 136 CBC (BAO-EA). In the beginning of 2012 the Control Body proved its functionality and received extension of the scope of its accreditation:

  • Power units and facilities up to and above 1000 V;
  • Microclimate;
  • Noise in the work surroundings, the environment and at home;
  • Artificial lighting sources;
  • Ventilation installations;
  • Air-conditioning installations;

In connection with its efforts to increase the benefits of continuous improvement, improvement of its management and work process in 2015 a quality management system is implemented and the company is certified with ISO 9001: 2008.

Power laboratory

The company has power laboratory for localization and elimination of damages related to cables and facilities LV (low voltage) and MV (medium voltage). There is an associated team of experts working in emergency situations and localizing damages and eliminating these and also working on settings for secondary commutation and relay protection systems, control, measurement and automation units, construction of lighting protection systems, building overhead lines (low-voltage and medium-voltage) lines. The organization has also installation teams for realization of construction-and-installation works related to the transformer stations and also with power measurement experts. The company has concluded contracts with many companies – clients with subscriptions for maintenance of transformer units and facilities.


26 years in the field of electrical construction

All types of accreditation required by law

Complete closure cycle electrical construction–design

Power laboratory for detection and elimination of failures

Permanent staff of professionals with professional training

Embedded high technology for the activity

Permanent staff of specialists

AVESG EOOD has a permanent personnel of experts with experience, knowledge, technical capacity, professional training and qualification for realization of their functions. In the company we have availability and use of high technology for realization of functions.

The company works with governmental and private consumers (clients) and strives to win their confidence acknowledging the high demands of clients related to quality and reliability in the course of business.


Some of the main clients of the company are the following: Coca-Cola HBC AD, Mega El EOOD, N. I. Pirogov Hospital, Sofia-BT AD, Telelink EAD, Mobiltel AD, Florina Bulgaria AD, Kenar-Zare EOOD, Verila Service EAD, Porsche Center, SD Lobut, RIEW – Sofia, Sofia Municipality, Sofiyska Voda, Toplivo AD, PMU Burgas, Energy-Ka OOD, Belvi OOD, BTC AD, Ruvex AD, Druzhba Glassware Factory AD and many others.

The company has own mechanization units and qualified personnel in the field of power units construction. Using these resources the company has developed many residential and industrial facilities. Some of these are the following:

HEPP Svoge OOD (hydro-electric power plant), Professional Football Club Levski – construction of lighting system for training field with artificial grass and maintenance of the lighting system of the main terrain; Coca-Cola HBC AD, Kenar-Zare OOD – production and trade with food, Sanitex Paper Products – factory for processing of low-weight paper, Profex Bioproducts – plant for grain processing, GBI OOD, Autolux – car sales house, Giorgetti Miroglio – fabric dying and printing plant; other numerous transformer stations and cable power supplies for residential and industrial units.

Competitiveness, development and prosperity in existing and winning new positions in the market. This task is realized by constant work enhancement and professionalism as a result of which we offer services meeting contemporary dynamic requirements.